SDSU Groundbreaking Ceremony for Mission Valley Stadium Site


With almost two years of negotiating and planning, a groundbreaking ceremony finally happened. Undeterred by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic SDSU streamed the event live for Aztecs fans to watch from home. Members of the press and a few other key associates were able to attend the event in-person. Most of the audience watched from their cars, blaring their horns as a proxy for applause.


Stage Setup SEAS SDSU Groundbreaking At Mission Valley

SEAS With the Assist


This event was produced by Voice & Video, who tapped SEAS Productions for audio, staging, rigging and LED walls. Joint operations like this are very common in the event production world and we were excited to help produce the event.

Virtual events can, and should, be much more than just a green screen and a webcam. Professional on-site productions, such as this, help you connect with your audience. It also shows key stakeholders that work is proceeding in a professional, high quality manner. In the end they are much more engaging and serve as a great replacement for traditional field events.

Off-Site Speaker via webstream

Seamlessly Integrating On and Off-site Presenters.


The reality is not every presenter will be able to attend y our event. The SDSU Groundbreaking Ceremony was no exception. This challenge is easy to overcome by connecting everyone in to a professional video switching console and having a director handle switching feeds as is needed for the show. For this event SEAS provided large LED walls so that the streams would display well for live attendees and virtual viewers alike.

SDSU Groundbreaking pre-recorded content

The Power of Pre-Recorded Video


The ceremony concluded with a pre-recorded video of the Aztecs marching band and cheerleaders performing. This video was produced with each individual recording from home and combining the resulting videos into a grid and played simultaneously. This was done before the event because timing is critical and hard to nail. The end result is a well produced video that gives a powerful ending to this important event.

Pre-recording these elements can be done in-studio for an even more professional look. It can also be done well ahead of your actual event to help remove stress from doing everything right before the event. SEAS Productions has a studio in San Diego that is available for both live streaming and pre-recording content.

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SDSU Groundbreaking Drive-In Event

Learning From the SDSU Groundbreaking Ceremony


At the end of the day, whether you produce your next event as a hybrid event, like the SDSU Groundbreaking Ceremony, or opt for a purely virtual experience, your audience and key stakeholders deserve an engaging, high-quality experience. This is best delivered with the help of professional event production companies. If you need help planning an event, feel free to contact us.

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