Customized Live Streaming Services

for Corporate Meetings & Conferences

Live streaming your conference or corporate meeting is the perfect solution for companies or organizations that typically host large, in-person events. If your business is looking for ways to go virtual, partnering with SEAS to host your next global conference as a live-streamed online event is the way to go.

Seamless Live Streaming for Conferences

Seamless live streaming will take your global conferencing to the next level, complete with built-in tools for:

  • Hosting Q&As
  • One-on-one interviews or panel discussions
  • Messages from sponsors
  • Taking live comments from viewers

We have everything you need to broadcast your events live and engage your audience anywhere – including hardware, services, and support – whether you want to broadcast your event to unlimited participants publicly or on a custom-made, private website.

Benefits of Conference Live Streaming

The benefits of live streaming your next global conference are endless, from the ability to reach more viewers than ever before to cutting down on costs and expenses typically associated with hosting large-scale in-person events. With SEAS’ live streaming abilities, you’ll be able to:

  • Provide a more comprehensive and value-rich service to companies and presenters
  • Supplement live broadcasts with pre-recorded material and on-screen graphics
  • Increase reach through a globalized audience
  • Highlight sponsors’ products in videos
  • Interview exhibitors’ executives and other presenters

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Why you should Choose SEAS for Your Conference Live Stream

As a full-service production design company, SEAS Productions is invested in every single detail of your event from start to finish. With our long history in the audiovisual and event design industry, it’s rare that we come across an obstacle we haven’t overcome before; and as your virtual event partner, we are dedicated to ensuring your live virtual event is a seamless and productive experience.

Our customized live streaming services include:

  • Experienced production crew using the latest technology and equipment
  • Full-service video recordings and post-editing capability
  • Hosting and streaming on a variety of content distribution networks
  • High-end processing power allows for multiple redundant streams
  • Ability to live stream a variety of events, including conferences, large corporate meetings, webinars, fundraisers, and more

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