Video Recording Services

High-quality, prerecorded video is an essential element of any professional virtual or hybrid event. Let our team of video production experts help you create amazing prerecorded content for your next event.

Video Recording Services

Professional Staging, Lighting & Audio

SEAS Productions’ creative production space is the perfect turn-key solution for your content recording needs.

  • Pre-built or custom stage
  • Professional lighting, audio & video gear
  • Video editing services
  • An experienced team of professional technicians
  • Safe, social-distanced production space

Bring your vision to life with our video recording services. SEAS has been executing live and virtual events for over 25 years. Let us lend a hand with our expertise.

The Importance of Pre-recorded content

Producing a successful virtual or hybrid event has a lot of moving parts. Pre-recorded content is an important part of pacing the attendee experience, engaging your audience and managing the flow of the event. 

  • Manage set changes, technical issues and adjust timing with drop in videos
  • Streamline your schedule by recording content prior to the day of your event
  • Generate high quality downloadable content as a take-away for your attendees
  • Creating visually diverse content will better engage your audience
  • Perfect for more technical topics that might require multiple takes
  • Work in branding, sponsorships and more
  • Create large batch of content 2 and fill your social channels all year 


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Video Recording Services

Working with SEAS Productions

Our team is dedicated to helping you create visually stunning videos. Our team has experience producing thousands of events. We can assist on both technical and creative sides of your production. 

Let us help you:

  • Design your set and lighting
  • Plan the execution of your content
  • Edit the video files
  • Store content backups


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