Virtual Event Services

Virtual events are an excellent way to host corporate meetings, conferences, galas and other live events with people from all over the world. As your virtual events partner, SEAS can help you seamlessly turn your live event into a virtual event, while still upholding our same standard of excellence. Virtual events are also a great alternative to those looking to save time and money on the things typically associated with bringing a large group of attendees to a live event.

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Virtual Conferences & Live Streaming

  • Events & Conferences
  • Galas & Fundraisers
  • Corporate Meetings & Webinars
  • Music Events & Bands

We know how important it is for your business to continue as usual, especially when you can’t travel or hold crucial meetings in-person. Virtual events are the perfect solution for companies who have had live events cancelled or rescheduled, and can still provide the same benefits to your viewers as an in-person event or conference.

Large-scale events and corporate meetings are all about the attendee experience, and this still holds true for virtual events: from crystal-clear audio to comprehensive stage design that serves as the background of your event live stream, our team has the equipment and experience necessary to help you produce a seamless, streamlined virtual event.

Virtual Conferences & Live Streaming

Take full advantage of all a virtual event has to offer with our host of turnkey services, including:

  • Secure streaming of presenters from anywhere in the world
  • One-on-one interviews or panel discussions
  • Broadcast of your event to unlimited participants publicly or on a custom-made, private website
  • Sponsorship and branding opportunities for your clients
  • Live Q&A, moderated chat and/or polling of your audience
  • Broadcast of live entertainment
  • Collaborative, custom set design at our studio or the location of your choosing
  • High speed internet brought to you
  • Hosted online auctions with easy, mobile bidding
  • Real-time, moderated social media content generation from attendees via hashtag

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