Drive-in Event Services

Drive -In events are growing in popularity with social distancing on the rise. When an event needs to be held at a special location or thrives on an in-person experience, these hybrid events deliver.
Wide Shot - Drive In

Full Service Production On-Site, Anywhere

At SEAS, we specialize in producing live events. Drive-In events require many of the same elements of traditional live events; staging, rigging, lighting, and audio design. To this, they add, streaming capability, seamless remote presentor integration and more. From site survey to breakdown our team can help you to ensure that your hybrid event delivers to both the in-person audience and  as well as those watching at home.

Being able to host your event in a meaningful location is important for many types of events. From groundbreaking ceremonies to fundraisers. There is no need to compromise by going with a purely virtual event. SEAS can help you create an event that stands out.

Make your drive-in, Rock out

Drive-In events usually incorporate an audience driving up in their cars, though certain locations can even allow boats. From a design perspective, this means the event will be experienced much like a concert. Large LED walls to show whats happening on stage, audio design that will reach an audience much further away than a small seated conference, and  large structural rigging to accommodate all of the lighting, speakers and LED screens.

SEAS got its start producing live concerts and has over 25 years of experience producing events with these exact needs. Many companies hire out to cover gaps in these types of specialized experience. Our team has this experience on-staff.


Let our expertise elevate your event:

  • 25+ Years of live event experience
  • Own & maintain our own equipment
  • Virtual broadcast technology
  • Audio & Light design
  • Safe rigging


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LED Screen - Drive in Virtual Hybrid Event

Other Hybrid Events

Drive-In events are not the only type of hybrid option that is available for your event. Typically any event where you’ll need a small, focused group for the in-person portion mixed with presented content for a larger audience. Hybrid events bring together leadership, high-level industry personalities and important stakeholders.

Event types that work best as hybrid events:

  • Corporate Sales Meetings
  • Galas & Fundraisers
  • Industry Trade Shows
  • Concerts
  • Large Community Events
  • University Events

When you partner with SEAS, everything will be planned, designed, and set up long before the date of your event, so you can be sure everything will run smoothly. On the day of the event, you’ll have our professional team on-hand to handle all technical elements, including video, audio, staging, and more.

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