San Diego Zoo Taps Special Event Audio Services For Fundraiser Using Nexo GEO S8 System

BUENA PARK, Calif.─ For one of their largest annual fundraising events, the San Diego Zoo tapped Special Event Audio Services of Oceanside, California to handle audio production. There were special concerns about the volume level coming out of the world renowned Zoo special events area since the famous Old Globe Theatre is just a few hundred yards away. For this event in prior years, the previous production company actually went to the trouble of installing a small speaker under every table.

“I expressed confidence that we could exceed the Zoo’s expectations with our NEXO GEO S8 line array, and the fundraising committee decided to try it,” states Mitch Grant, owner. “Some of the members of this committee had experienced the NEXO system at the Jewel Ball in La Jolla, California a few months earlier and they shared my confidence.” The Jewel Ball is considered to be the premiere social event/fundraiser in San Diego every year, and this event has extremely strict volume requirements as well. “The NEXO GEO S8 line array produced spectacular results at the Jewel Ball to the delight of event organizers.”

The San Diego Zoo system was carefully constructed and positioned using GeoSoft for full venue coverage but with very little ‘spill’ outside the immediate area. Even with a large orchestra, the event proceeded without a single noise complaint from the theatre nearby, and as a result, the San Diego Zoo has committed to book Special Event Audio Services for future fundraisers and other events next year.

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