NSI DDS 6000 Digital Dimming System



NSI N6000 Series Digital Dimming Systems combine portability with rugged construction for a variety of applications. DDS series dimmers may be assigned by channel to act as dimmers or as a relay switch for on/off operation of lights or motorized devices.

The DDS6000 has four channels and a grounded Edison 120VAC 20 Amp mains power cable. Plug in single or ganged lights, up to 1200 watts on each channel, up to 2400 Watts total on this model. Its circuit breakers are external on the front panel.

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* 4 Individual Dimmer/Relay Channels
* Dual SCR Circuit Design Ensures Reliable Operation
* Toroidal Filtering Reduces Audio Interference and Extends Lamp Life
* User Select for Dimmer/Relay Operation
* User Select for Soft Start Operation to Increase Lamp Life
* Internal Jumpers Activate 8 Auto Sequence Control Programs
* External Front Panel Circuit Breaker
* Power On LED Indicator
* Sequence Rate Adjustable from 1 to 60 Seconds
* Control Status Indicator LED
* Individual Channel Function LEDs
* NSI 128 Channel Micro-Plex (3-pin XLR)

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Weight 8.2 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 31 × 16 in